1439 Emails To Hrithik!!! The War Continues

The war continues. Yesterday we got confirmed news that Hrithik slapped Kangana with a legal notice guess what we have in store today.

Kangana Ranaut’s and Hrithik Roshan’‘s affair is the talk of the B-Town these days. Everybody is aware of the fact that them two had a thing for sometime and it was made quite evident by Kangana herself. Apparently Hrithik is responsible for Kangana’s departure from Aashique 3 the makers were planning on casting these two. Obviously that didn’t go down well with the diva and she had to retort so she called the actor a silly ex.


Clearly, that didn’t go down well with the Krrish actor who in return put out a tweet saying,

“There are more chances of me having had an affair with the Pope than any of the (I’m sure wonderful) women the media has been naming. Thanks but no thanks.”

Wow! Total burn scenes there. But the fire didn’t die down there. Yesterday we got a confirmed news of Hrithik having slammed the Tanu Weds Manu actress with a legal suit asking for an apology for the silly ex statement.

In a statement issued by the actor through his lawyer, Deepesh Mehta, we found out that Hrithik has accused Kangan of sending him 1,439 emails! WTF! either that women’s obsessed or Hrithk has some serious issues. He even claims that most of the emails were “senseless, personal and absurd.” The notice also suggests that the actor tried not to respond to the emails for the longest time.

Woah! Talk about exes being nasty with each other…



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