Kapil Sharma, Salman Khan top list as most dangerous celebrities searched online

Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma has become the most riskiest celebrity searched online in 2017, whereas Salman Khan has bagged the second spot – one who could expose consumers to malicious websites and malware – a survey from cyber security firm McAfee revealed.

The study, conducted by McAfee and now in its 11th year, highlights the dangers of clicking on suspicious links when searching for celebrity-focused content.

“With today’s digital explosion, the gap between celebrities and their fans has diminished. There’s a looming interest among Indians to know more about their favourite icons for which there’s a deluge of fresh and readily consumable content made available,” said Head of R&D Operations, McAfee, in a statement.

The survey revealed that Sharma, who has topped the ‘McAfee Most Sensational Celebrities’ list 2017, has replaced Bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha.

Searching for Sharma would results in a 9.58% chance of landing on a malicious website.

Salman would attract 9.03% risk of landing on a malicious website, while Aamir Khan would increase the risk of 8.89%.


Via: tribune

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