3 Bahadur Movie (Review)

Pakistani cinematic industry was full of firsts this year and has entertained the audience with back to back entertaining hits like Na Maloom Afraad, Jalaibee and Now 3 Bahadur. The film expert camera angles and cinematography. Pakistani cinema has been reviving and feasted the spectators with must watched films like Khuda Ky Liye, Bol, Waar, Saltanat, Dukhtar, Operation 021 and list of many others. These thriller-action packed movies were simply thought provoking and based on real economical and political scenarios.

To lessen the stress amongst the society, many directors also came up with comedy based action packed films namely Na Maloom Afraad and Jalaibee and Now ‘3 Bahadur’ has also joined the page. The film is directed by Sharmeen Obaid which is free from spy espionage thrillers, crime capers, dark comedy, drama, romance but has something more and worth watching then that.

Pakistan’s first computer-animated full-length feature film ‘3 Bahadur’ is directed by Oscar winnerSharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. It is a joint production of SOC Films, ARY Films under the production banner of Waadi Animation.


3 Bahadur revolves around the three main characters, the 11-year-old friends Saadi, Amina, and Kamil and is set in a fictional town Roshan Basti (Town of lights).

The movie focuses on the pre-teens gaining superpowers and their struggle to rid their town of the evil both supernatural and ordinary organized crimes that plague it.

‘Mangu’ a petty criminal turned evil supernatural lord is the big baddie who rules over the fictional town through his terror and thugs.

In the middle of the plot lie two talisman keys and their two keepers, one good and one evil granting respective superpowers to the characters.

Overall it is a commendable effort and for the kids, a must watch.



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