A Hero Forgotten, Remembered

It is said that when you dream of something, believe in yourself and have strong faith in God, those dreams definitely come true. Just like that, another dream has come to reality before our own eyes in the form of Shah.

We had long forgotten the hero, but Adnan Sarwar made us know him. He made us know his life, his ambition, his struggle throughout his life. Adnan has reminded us of a hero we had long forgotten.

Adnan had only 700 rupees in his pocket when he started this movie but his faith in God made it possible and this movie got a standing ovation from everyone.



There are at least five moments where you can feel goosebumps, clap and shout out loud for Shah. Shah has punched on our faces and highlighted the sorry state of our nation that how it has forgotten the stars after their retirements. Drawing our attention to the suffering of common man and the reason of him picking up guns instead of pen.

Shah is the first movie of Pakistan without any songs, but the background music fills all the empty space.

While addressing the media,

“You cannot simply blame government, neighbors or anyone else, we all have forgotten this hero (Hussain Shah),” Sarwar told. “This should not happen after today”

Adnan Sarwar had put in a lot of effort in this movie and now all his hard work is paying off well. There should be movies like Shah, inspired by our own heroes.



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