Ayyan Ali: Supermodel living like a queen in jail, say wardens

Meeting Ayyan in prison is out of the question. Or so say the wardens at Adiala Jail, where the supermodel is detained after being caught ‘smuggling’ $500,000 at the Islamabad airport.

“You should be jailed for even thinking about meeting Ayyan Ali,” a jail warden said, adding that not anyone could just see her. “We only just about get a glance,” he said. However, he was willing to divulge details of her detainment, on condition of anonymity.

The supermodel is said to be given the ‘VVIP’ treatment inside the jail. A senior warden of Adiala prison facility said Ayyan is detained at the female barrack No 1 VIP room and is no ordinary prisoner.

“She is a supermodel and enjoys super facilities. Two female prisoners are appointed to ‘serve’ her,” he said jokingly.

Ayyan has been provided a well-furnished room, complete with a TV set and refrigerator.

Adiala prisoners are not allowed mobile phones; neither do they work inside the prison due to jammers.

Ayyan, however, has been given a ‘V-set’, the only kind of phone that works inside the prison.

Ordinary visitors use gate No-3 to meet their imprisoned relatives, but Ayyan’s visitors use gate No-5 used only by jail officials. Further still, her visitors are properly received and facilitated and taken either to the superintendent’s office or conference room.

“She meets her guests in the conference room or in the superintendent’s office. Female visitors are allowed to meet her inside her room,” the official said.

Visitors are usually asked to submit their ID cards and register at the entrance but Ayyan’s guests don’t have to register their names at all.

“Two days ago, Khalid Malik, the brother of interior minister Rahman Malik, visited her and stayed for half an hour,” the official added.

On Thursday, the model’s brother also met her at the conference room.

A female warden said they were hoping for an extension in Ayyan’s stay so that they could enjoy all the meals, sweets and fruits being brought for her by her friends and relatives a little longer.

“The lady lives like a queen even inside the jail. She eats special burgers, drink mineral water, fresh juices and delicious meals,” the female warden said.

However, the female wardens are not allowed inside her room. Further, Ayyan’s prison attire is up to mark as well. The wardens said she wears a new dress daily.

She is also said to pay regular visits to barracks where other women are imprisoned and reportedly distributed gifts among the children who are living inside the prison with their detained mothers.



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