Beautiful TV Anchor Shaista Wahidi Pictures and Life History

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Shaista Wahidi did her first  Morning show on Geo . So all those rumors were correct. She left ARY channel for Geo. Today is her first program and she invited her brother, Saher Lodhi and her father, husband and kids on show. According to her everyone needs a change and it’s a kind of good change for her to join Geo. And one more thing Saher Lodhi also announced on show that he also joined Geo TV

Most beautiful and attractive personalty Dr Shaista Wahidi has became a household name now, a symbol of energy and freshness. Her decency and positivity is the main attraction of her current morning show, “Good Morning Pakistan” on ARY Digital Pakistan.

Dr Shaista Wahidi Life History Information

She says I was born in Karachi and got early education from Junior Model School, Karachi. After completing class five, I joined Habib Girls School, Karachi. I studied there for two to three years and then joined Bahria College where I passed my Matriculation in 1990. My mother Mrs. Lodhi was a teacher there. I joined Govt College for Women, Karachi, and did my F.Sc. in 1992. I completed my MBBS from Sind Medical College Karachi, in 2000.

Shaista Wahidi Family Introduction

The only sister of 3 brothers, Amir Lodhi, Sahir Lodhi and Tahir Lodhi was the most dear of all member of her family, She studied Medical and became a doctor to materialize her parents wish. But she always wanted to be an anchor person. She got married during MBBS, to an IT expert Waqar Wahidi and now mashAllah they are blessed with three kids, Shafay, the eldest one is ten years old then the middile one is Faiz who is 8 while Emaan is the youngest is three.

Shaista Wahidi Career Bio data

Dr Shaista Wahidi worked in a radio programme for some time. Her career took a new turn when she joined FM Radio as an anchorperson. This led her to become newscaster at a private TV channel. Soon, she recognised her inner talent for hosting live shows. Her first programme was Hum Aur Aap Brah-e-Rast for the same channel. Shaista joined another channel, in 2005, and embarked on a new talk show, titled, Shaista and You. Then, she did Bakhaber Savera and, later on, began her current show, Good Morning Pakistan”. During childhood, she worked in a radio programme for some time, in association with “Bazm-e-Talba”.
She admires “Naeem Bukhari, P. J. Mir, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey,” she shares,” they are all blessed with talent and I am really inspired by the way they perform and the manner in which they have established their reputations.”

Shaista Wahidi Television Programmes

Hum Aur Aap Brah-e-Rast on Indus Vision.
Pak Raha Hai Kiya on Indua Vision.
Shaista and You on Ary Digital.
Bakhabar Savera on Ary One World (Now known as Ary News)
Good Morning Pakistan on Ary Digital.

Shaista Wahidi Awards

Best Celebrity Mom Award 2009 by Dalda Expert Mom Awards.
Dr. Shahista Wahidi won City Talent Womens Award in year 2006, this was first award given by Culture and Art Forum founded by (late) Syed Asad Jaffery.

Dr Shaista Wahidi ARY kissing the Snake video Waqar Zaka in Good Morning Pakistan



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