So folks get ready for the biggest event this March. Hosted by Bahria University Islamabad “Bahria Youth Technathon Event” (BYTE) is a mega event full of creativity, productivity and academics and FUN!!!!. This three day event which is going to be held at Bahria University Islamabad Campus from 11th to 13th March 2016, promises us a thrilling ride. The event aims to bring university and college student together from all over Pakistan to develop a competitive environment, giving the students a platform where they can showcase their talent, skills and ideas.


It will be consisting of around 30 competitions which will be educational, social and those that will test your skills to the limit.


The events are divided into five categories; the educational events will push your brain to the limits. Project Exhibition is one of the major components of the event in which all the participants will showcase their skills in the fields of computer science and IT. The purpose of this event is to bridge the gap between the academia and industrial globe by bringing professionals from the industry to the project exhibition. The event is an opportunity for the students to gain technical insight and ideas. And for various organizations to discover talented young individuals for their organizations.

But this is not only it Education is only one facet of the event. Byte will also host social events to give you nights to remember, sports events for the athletes and Open Challenge Events to ultimately test your skills and take the event to a whole new level.nkk

The students, faculty and the administration of BUIC are working hard to put forth three best days of your life. They are working day in day out to make it happen. From the planning and management to operations to décor everyone is putting a tremendous effort.


Here’s a little incentive for you. Imran Abbas supports Byte do you?

 Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this. So hurry up and get yourself registered NOW!!!

(P.S: All the registered participants can enjoy the concert for –wait for it- free. Yes free! C’mon rush.)



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