Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Meera!

The judge has ordered Defence-A police to produce her before the court on the next date of hearing. In his application, Meera’s husband claimed the actress married another man before legally divorcing him first. “She is committing fornication. It is against Islam and the law of Pakistan,” he said.

Attique told the court to enlist a FIR against her under applicable procurement of the law. Prior, Attique had documented another application for Meera to be therapeutically tried to affirm that she is a virgin, which was released in April 2011.

According to points of interest, a jactitation of marriage suit was documented by Meera against her affirmed spouse battling that their wedding pictures and marriage testament delivered by Atique were fake. Meera asserted that he did the majority of this in an offer to increase shoddy exposure.

Later, Atique recorded two applications in the court, one to look for Meera’s restorative test and the other to check the status of the house in which Meera was living. He asserted that the house in which Meera was living in had a place with him.

Then, Atique’s guidance has sent a legitimate notification to Meera in regards to a private TV channel program, Kon Bnay ga Meera ka Patti. He battled in his notice that yet the court needed to choose the jactitation of the marriage suit.

Meera said that she hadn’t received any notices from the courts. “If high court has sent notices I don’t know about that. Moreover, my lawyer Ali Sibtain doesn’t know about it. What the news is about? Tell me. No notice has been issued. “I don’t know him. I don’t know him. He is a fraudulent person. He is a criminal. Totally a fraud case. Fraud person. If there is a statement from his end, I know nothing of it,” Meera said.



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