By Hanako M. Ricks

When we first meet the title character in the “Harry Potter” series, he’s described as “short and thin” and by the end of the series, it’s mentioned that he’s gotten quite tall – taller than average. However, his portrayer in the films – as much as he fits Harry’s description in most other ways – simply falls short when it comes to that particular trait.

So did he feel any concern about his lack of height for the role? (He stands around 5′5″ tall). He spoke to MTV News at the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and had this to say:

He also stated that when people mention how short he is (when meeting him), he always makes a bit of a joke, saying that while he would personally love to be taller, he’s accepted the fact that he’s not and feels that he can either be bitter about it or make jokes to deal with it.




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