Entity Paradigm (EP) has finally hit the masses with their yearned awaited new single “Shor Macha”, sponsored by Djuice. This is one of the biggest booming and victorious come backs for a band in the chronicle of Music especially in our fragment of the sphere. This single is deemed upon as heavily patriotic and immensely provoking one, while making the audience to cogitate over various issues and relating our radiant antiquity, gloomy present and a gleaming future subsequent. Entity Paradigm disclosed their come back in 2009 while playing live at the reputed event of Lums Olympaid.

The EP-holics were despondently looking forward to this track since more then an year and finally on August 13 2010, at six in the evening, it was aired on all the major television channels and radio stations, and since then it is being played continuously. There has not been a single time that I logged onto television and did not happen to see the video, same goes for the radio stations. The video keeps on getting posted on the web everywhere; on youtube it has 30,000 views already in just a small span of three days. This song is making waves in the streets of London as per “The Express Tribune”.

EP a day before its new execution altered their status to “Kuch Shor Macha Awaz Utha, Jo Josh Dikha Wo Bepanah, Ab Soch Badal K Kuch Kar Dikha, Jo Ban Jaye Azaad Khiyal, Har Azam Tera Kar De Dhamal, Har Amal Tera Wo Bemisal, Kuch Shor Macha Awaz Utha, Coming Soon” on their official fan page on facebook, announcing their new arrival officially. The fans went crazy on receiving this present on the Independence Day and gave away a very warm welcome to their esteemed and most missed out band. The EP fan page on facebook got flooded with appreciation posts. The feed back was just amazing and beyond words.

The lyrics for the song are done by Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali. The message in it is very deep and clear. The words chosen are absolute and refine which reach straight to the core of the heart. As the song flows on, the lyrics get more vehement until Ahmed Ali’s Urdu rap. The entire of it is spine chilling. We could also eye the enchantment of Rhyme in the lyrics; the last phrase ‘Aj hai andheer to kal hai ujaal, Saya-e-Kuhdaye Zuljalal’ has captured the attention of millions. Hats off to the concerned parties for coming up with such strong, poetic and melodious lyrics.

Direction for the video is done by one of the most winning directors of our time, Bilal Lashari, who has come up with sterling music video concepts earlier as well. Wardrobe and styling by Munib Nawaz and make up is given by Mahram Azmat, who are yet again the powerful names in their own domains at the moment. Moreover Creative Village has done the productions part.

The main concept and theme of the video is very eye catching and activating. The plot of the video wheels around highlighting the current problems and dilemmas confronted by Pakistan and later in the video the focus deflects on the past glorious accomplishments. Through the lyrics the message about a safer and stable future is given towards the end. The video as a whole deserves to be titled as ‘flawless’ as it is very close to the verity and focuses on both the dark and bright side of the picture.

The video unfolds with the images from deserted streets of the inner Lahore and disappointed faces of the children and young men, which actually is the reality at the moment. The starting part is very captivating and unique in its own way. The nation is being asked to get up from the deep slumber, voice their feelings, show some enthusiasm, change their thoughts and do something on their own. Mean while we are introduced to all the band members during the starting phase. Fawad Khan (lead vocals) Ahmed Ali (vocals) Waqar Khan (drums), Hassaan Khalid (bass) and Salman Albert (guitar).

Well in the video initially EP is shown to perform in a digitally created stadium concert; which again is a message of hope, that someday somehow we would likely have huge gatherings like this with out any alarms.

The video is shot on various locations from Pakistan; Mazar-e-Quaid, Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, Kallar Kahar, Bahawalpur Fort, Cholistan Desert and interior Lahore, to name a few.

The video emphasizes on present issues in Pakistan such as; terrorism, flood and illiteracy, followed by the phrases “mera hai yakeen mera hai Imaan mere hatho mai ho kiya ye sara jahan” which again is a message of trust and happiness to people out there who have abandoned all the hopes.

Towards the end, we have Ahmed’s Urdu rap which is shot from Minar-e-Pakistan’s top, each and every bit of it is awakening and necessitate us to do something to bring a revolution in our surroundings. It is coupled with some clips from Pakistan Resolution Day as well. Ahmed’s utterance made it sound graver.

The way our National Anthem is being synchronized with the song along with the sequences of our National achievements such as; images from the army side, missile launches, Dr Abdus Salaam receiving Nobel Prize, Jansher Khan, celebrations after winning World Cup 1992 and 2009, music legends Nazia Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jehan and finally sequence of Nishan-e-Hiader holders, is truly exceptional. I personally liked the concept of Shaheen flying while we have the image of Allama Iqbal in the background.

The song and video had everything in it without any short comings. Head banging for the craziest fans, classy looks of the band members from glamorous to desi. Goth appearance and black make up is not well appreciated and once again EP is being accused of copying American rock bands which is absolutely ridiculous. Goth or punk look has nothing to do with American music, it’s not their property after all, and every one can follow it. Well this get up was a bit hard to digest, just because of the fact that we don’t see our men often dressed up like this roaming in the streets, but STILL once for a change it’s acceptable and they did do justice with it..

In addition to this, Fawad has ruled again over millions with his heart throb looks and genuine expressions. His more than one get ups in the video is sure a treat for the ladies out there. He is described to have ‘killing smile’ in the video by one of the fans, I describe him as ‘if looks could kill he would have finished half of the humanity just by his eye brow raise’.

The song was miraculously wondrous, startling from beginning till the end. Music, the guitars, the drums everything was very heavy as just as it was expected of EP. This song gave away answers to all the ambiguities people had in their minds about their come back and music. This song gave us a message of hope and brighter future by telling us to stop complaining about the system and do something on our own “apna bojh khud utha”. This video sure gave goose bumps to the viewers.

I thank equally every member of EP the band for giving us “Shor Macha” on the right moment. My special thanks to Hassan Khalid for bringing EP to us again (As per Cultural Street he is the one responsible for EP’s comeback). Djuice has done a great deal in making Shor Macha a huge success. I’m thankful to the proud sponsors as well.

Just one word ‘Rock’ and yes that EP does! And will do in future. EP for life! The founders of rock music in Pakistan and they always will be remembered. But the rock history has just began there is a long way to go. Always praying for EP’s success and wishing them all the best for projects in future. Keep the noise alive, keep up the good work guys!

Sourse: Kool Muzone



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