Himesh-Reshammiya1I’m Truly Excited for The Xpose Sequel: Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh will be starting The sequel after The success of The Xpose which was made at a budget of 9 crores and print and advertising 6 crores has done a business of 22 crore 77 Lakhs nett in 3 weeks says distributor Anil Thadani who is very happy with the business of the film and himesh s performance also won a lot of critical acclaim is the icing on the cake . the sequel to The Xpose will be releasing 29 th may 2015 . The sequel of The Xpose to be set in The era of the romantic superstar Rajesh khanna -1973 when hundreds of girls committed suicide for him when the romantic superstar decided to get married, But one girl from the hundreds of girls who committed suicide was actually murdered in the name of suicide .

Himesh’s character will be taken forward in the sequel who plays the superstar Ravi Kumar ( inspired by Raaj Kumaar ) solving the mystery , 1 big hero in a special appearance will be playing superstar Rajesh khanna in the film with 4 big supporting artists, 2 heroines andthe other cast and credits which will be announced shortly which are huge and again very unusual like the first part of The Xpose The director will also be announced soon as there are differences between HR MUSIK and Ananth Mahadevan on his price as ananth Mahadevan wants a price hike says creative producer Rakesh upadhyay Himesh says “I am truly excited for the sequel and happy for my dad Vipin Reshammiya that i have given him a Hit franchise as he is the official producer of The film . Ravi Kumaar’s character has been appreciated universally by critics as well as the audiences, The quirkiness in his dialogues are a highlight, the sequel will be a landmark with regards to a very big musical thriller ,grand visuals , thrills and dialogues in the correct budget and explore the stunning truth of the 70 s Bollywood The shoot schedule for the sequel starts shooting on 7thDecember 2014 and concludes on 7thFebruary 2015, shooting 50 days nonstop, The music will launch will be on 3rd April 2015 and the movie releases on 29 th may 2015



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