Standing tall, with a physique like a mannequin, this half Pakistani and half Ukrainian beauty is the

first girl to be of mixed races representing Pakistan. Anzhelika’s father belongs

to Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan and her mother is Ukrainian from Kiev, Ukraine. Anzhelika Tahir is

Pakistan’s 13th Miss Pakistan World to be crowned on the 31st of October, 2015 in Toronto,



Tell us about yourself!

First of all, I want to say, that I never thought that I could be a beauty queen titleholder. I grow up in

Kiev, Ukraine as my mother is Ukrainian and my father is Pakistani. Since my childhood I’d always

been an outsider. During my elementary school days I didn’t have friends. Because of my skin color

no one wanted to sit with me at the desk. I remember clearly the moments when I used to come

home and take showers with a super hard sponge because somebody told me that if I take a good

shower I could become a white-skinned girl. I don’t remember exactly when people became polite to

me, maybe, in high school! I’m lucky, because I’ve always had the support of my family. My life was

always based on the knowledge of arts & entertainment and I’ve studied at music schools, and was

always active at sports.

During my modeling carrier I had got some opportunities in beauty pageants and tried my luck.

Sometimes I’d been too close to winning, sometimes too far from the first place. I came to the Miss

Pakistan World contest by chance. I always thought that it’s impossible for a common person like me

to win. And because of my passion for travel I realized that it would be a good idea to try to participate

in the Miss Pakistan World 2015 beauty pageant and I ended up in Toronto, Canada. You can’t

imagine how nervous I was! It was the most exciting moment of my life.

My goal for this year is to represent my country Pakistan in international contests, and to show the

Pakistani beauty and the positive image of my country and my Pakistani heritage. It would be such a

great honor to be an ambassador of Pakistan in the world arena. Thanks to the organizers, to all the

honorable judges and to everybody who supported me for this unique opportunity! Today I am proud

of being that half Pakistani and half Ukrainian girl who is representing Pakistan as Miss Pakistan

World 2015!

How does it feel being crowned as Miss Pakistan World?

I feel so excited and blessed! I think that with this crowning begun a new phase of my life. I’m very

proud to represent my wonderful country in international pageants and to share positive image of our

land. This is an amazing way to change people’s perception and their mind about Pakistan and show

Pakistan in the real form. I’m happy that I have the chance to do that. Since I won this contest – any

international winning for Pakistan is Pakistan’s win!


You came as 2nd runner up in WMU 2016, how was that experience?

That was my first international pageant. I’m very happy that I took a part in the World Miss University

pageant, because it was such a lovely competition between 58 truly beautiful and smart ladies from

all around the world! I spent two weeks in China and had a wonderful time with all the girls there.

Interesting fact about my being there – there were English, Korean and Spanish translators, but there

wasn’t any Russian translators. Russian group was around 15 people and mostly no one understood

what organizers spoke as English was not their language. As I speak Russian as well, I was always

helping the organisers translate.

So on the 7th day of my trip I became an official Russian translator for my new friends. This was a

very good pageant because everyone was friendly to each other. I know that it’s very unusual as I

heard otherwise about pageants especially international ones. Every girl was beautiful and a strong

candidate to be crowned, so I wasn’t really expecting that I’ll get a crown as a second runner up. I

was just being myself and enjoyed this unforgettable time. But when I heard my name on the stage I

was shocked! I can’t explain my feelings as to how proud I am of my Pakistani heritage by this

winning. This was the first international crown for Pakistan and we paved the way for more victories

for my country – Pakistan.

Where do you see yourself in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry?

This year I will try to achieve as much as possible for Pakistan in the pageant world. Also I got a

couple of invites from the Lollywood industry as well. This time my team is working on schedule and

we have many pageants to do as well as movie projects.

And after being crowned as World Miss University Runner Up, you will be going to Miss

Supertalent (Miss Asia Pacific) in Korea, how are you preparing for this pageant?

This pageant is much more serious than the previous one; it is at a much tougher level and is well

known in the pageant industry. I’m preparing very carefully and I’m working a good 120% instead of

100%. I have started to work really hard with my trainer in the gym and I am also on a special diet. I

learnt new moves for my talent round as well. Recently I got a few dresses for this pageant from a

famous Ukrainian brand called “Lady Diamond”. Picking of this gown took a lot of time, because

besides beauty I wanted it to remind the world about Pakistan. Also I am preparing different looks for

every dinner or charity event to represent Pakistan in the best way as possible.

What advise you will give the new contestants who will join Miss Pakistan World?

Pakistani pageant industry is not as popular as in different countries and one must think that it is easy

to become a new MPW, but that’s not true. Each contestant is beautiful and a strong opponent. One

must be nice and friendly to everyone, and not to be afraid to ask if one didn’t understand something.

It is very important to always look perfect even on rehearsals! Remember that beauty queen should

be beautiful not just from outside but also from the inside, so manners are very important in pageants.

Another piece of advice is that not to forget that besides the crown and other gifts you’ll also get the

opportunity to represent Pakistan abroad in international pageants. So you should always be ready to

travel and leave your studies or work for 1-2 weeks. I also want to add here that I am always happy to

personally guide new contestants who are interested in becoming part of Miss Pakistan World.


Quick Questions:


Meaning of Anzhelika (or why you were named Anzhelika): my mother was inspired by actress

Michele Mercier, who was known as Anzhelika from “Angelique, marquise des angels” movie (1964).

In other words it means, “Angel.”

Currently (Working/studying): Graduated in Bachelor of Arts and currently working as TV host

Favourite colour: I’m not sure, cause like a lot if colors. Right now it’s green. Green for Pakistan!

Favourite outfit/designer: Uliana Sergienko, Zuhair Murad

Favourite Lollywood Star: Shaan and Reema

Favourite Hollywood star: Monica Belucci, Andrew Broady

Favourite movie: Titanic & Pakistani Film Waar

Favourite singers: Robbie Williams & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Favourite song: “The lady in red” Cris De Burg Favourite tv show: The Simpsons

Favourite ice cream flavor: Caramel

Favourite cuisine: European & Pakistani Food (Biryani)

Favourite restaurant: I like to enjoy new places and have too many to list here.

Favourite sports: swimming, horse riding

Favourite sportsperson: Anna Kurnikova and Imran Khan

Favourite book/author: from last – Khaled Hosseini “The kite runner”

Favourite activity: dreaming

I hang out: with friends or books

I’m freaked out by: global warming

I need: a goal

I want to be: the person who inspires people. I want someone look up to me and say: “because of

you I didn’t give up”

My role models (and why): Miranda Kerr as she is a strong woman and has gone through different

phases of life!

Tips to save the planet: Plant a tree every month or once in 6 months or once in a year!

Being crowned Miss Pakistan World 2015 was: the most exhilarating moment of my life.

In a perfect world: We would not know the meaning of the word “war”



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