Hailing from the busy streets of Cerritos, CA, Deen (meaning ‘Way of life’ in Arabic) is here to bring a new era into the world of Hip-Hop. Born by Pakistani parents with an Afghani background, he was soon one of the first hip-hop artists from the Southeast Asian origins to break out into the mainstream with a passionate fist. Erasing stereotypes, raising positive awareness and peace amongst the world is considered impossible. But who says it can’t be accomplished?

Also known as Jihad (meaning ‘Struggle’), it has nothing to do with a holy war. The struggle of this dedicated artist to promote his exceptional work defines passion. Over the past 2 years, Deen had gone back and forth between the United States and celebrity-heaven Dubai, pushing his music forward and establishing himself into the International market.

Deen has collaborated with many successful producers and artists throughout his career such as Grammy Nominated Producer 4D and artist DJ Envy. Deen’s previous mixtape Death Before Dishonor was put together by “World Famous” artist DJ Warrior, who the artist himself manages. Recently having him booked for a gig in Dubai, lined up a live radio interview, featured in the INFUSION magazine, and having him host mixtapes for local artists in the region. Deen’s latest mixtape is entitled 93′ Fly, included the teaming up with DJ Warrior and DJ Nutty. The latest lyrical compositions such as “Where Dey At” and “We Want Peace” are on Unity Vol. 1 “Middle East Meets Japan”, an album packed with positive messages and serves some delicacies from the Middle East… Sweet.

Deen has been highly successful in spitting out fresh rhymes, if you can keep the pace that is. In his career so far, he has defeated BET’s Freestyle Friday Hall of Famer and Ruff Ryder signee Jin The MC as well as being featured in The Source Magazine as their On The Radar MC.

Even in the United Kingdom, Deen’s song “Get On” was included in the playlist of BBC Radio’s Asian Network on the “Nihal Show” presented by DJ Nihal. “Get On” was also played on the “Friction Show” presented by DJ Bobby Friction, as well as “Making My Name”. The lyricist himself was also interviewed live on-air on the “Friction Show”. The music seems to reach eardrums afar, conquering airwaves and bringing back Hip-Hop.

Deen has been featured on the popular music site Desihits.com and on a variety of music magazines including the Empty Belly magazine, LOUD, The Source and many more publications.

Recently, the artist has featured on the debut album of Toronto-based/Pakistani rock band, Kazak. The album is titled Avraga, and quiet remarkably sold 27,000 copies in its first 3 days of release.

Deen is now working with his upcoming project titled Rebel Lion, produced by London-based producer Mr. Dion, who is of Pakistani/Indian background. The album is heavily influenced by Southeastern Asian influences and also includes samples from Bollywood music to create something new and fresh into the modern era. The purpose of the album is to merge together all cultures, creating peace and harmony amongst all the people of the world through hard-hitting rhymes and blasting beats.

Modern day hip-hop is misunderstood. And Deen’s music needs to be understood. A passionate artist with passionate rhymes, every track delivers a peaceful message. If you love hip-hop, infectious lyrics and heart-throbbing beats, Deen is definitely worth the listen.

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