Humnasheen in English would translate to be an associate, that’s what your relationship with the song becomes as soon as the first strum, the electric guitar intro is played and the first line is sung, all hinting immediately that the song is a winner.

As the song progresses it becomes absolutely certain that the first impressions were not falsified at all. The song is about remembrance of times gone past and the desire to re live them. The song also talks about the fact that mistakes happen and misunderstandings arise but a good way to set them right is to step in to the others shoes in order to properly asses what they go through.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then a thousand pictures is worth a novel”

The video took 7 months to make where 5000 digital pictures were taken to make this video possible and where such hard work is involved the results are evident.

The video is pure genius, directed by multi-talented director Zeeshan Parwez who has created his own niche in digitally directed work very different from his contemporaries. Zeeshan is probably the only director who has a signature style in Pakistan and as showcased in Coke Studio has a good idea on timing shots that really add to the musical experience. The messages in a song are also well represented in the video. The use of photographs is a good representation for the songs theme of remembrance, and as per the words flow the moments are captured. Something which you might have missed, Uzair Jaswal also makes a guest appearance in the video.

By the the time the video has ended, the song has subconsciously progressed from being an associate to a best friend.

Irtaash for the win

The contrast from their previous releases is absolute and tugs at their being a promising and talented act. Other than the successful artists it is artists like these that keep the interest intact alive in Pakistani music, since album releases by the top artists are far spaced and other new content also remains non existent, it is our duty to support fully talented acts like Irtaash so that they don’t disappear after a few single releases and it is for us to ensure that they see multiple albums being released.

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