Jalaibee Movie (Review)

Jalaibee Movie (Review)

Jalaibee Movie (Review)-

The story of “Jalaibee” is revolving around 2 different scenario that at the end came at the same point


The film starts with the Bugga (Ali Safina) and Billu (Danish Taimoor) facing the biggest mess of their life.They carried out a bank robbery for the city mafia don (A.ka ‘king’).When they were carrying the money the money got burnt in the car and now his mafia, fronted by Dara (Adnan Jaffer) wants them to pay 5 crores in a limited time.

The movie got more interesting when the foreign-returned Ali (Wiqar Ali Khan)
and his brother Jimmy (Uzair Jaswal). They are out to take revenge of their father killing by the same mafia when they were kids.

Now Ali is dating Eman (Sabeeka Imam) the daughter of the head of a political party, a want to be a prime minister and the head of the same mafia. When Eman gives up some critical information about her dad (Sajid Hasan),
Ali make his plan to kidnap Eman’s dad and expose to the media. But a mix-up with Billu and Bugga leads to serious complications.

Bannu (Zhalay Sarhadi) makes her entrance, a escort. approached by Billu and Baggu to help pay back their money,and then she falls madly in love with Ali.
Review :

Director & Writter “Yasir Jaswal” personally I like his direction. He did pretty well job with story, but at some scenes he failed to connect the audience with the movie. Overall he did his job well.

Acting is pretty much the same by all the actors from the beginning of the movie.There are no changes in the dialogue delivery and at the end of the movie the audience got fed up from their acting as we know all the actors are not debut-ants.


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Sajid Hassan did justice with his role, as per his acting skills and loud acting he  did pretty well job in the movie.


Another good job is done by DARA (Adnan Jaffer) the villain of the movie. I think this role his for him.

Chemistry Between Ali Safina & Danish Taimoor was missing in this movie. Only One scene in the movie where Danish, Ali and Zhalay are together when they were on conquest, and just before the action time, two spend a scene alone, talking in the car.


Ali Safina done a great job with his comic role. You will surely brust into laughter.


Zhalay Sarhadi also done a good job in the movie. He was looking good and different in the movie. In some scene of the movie she resembles Priyanka Chopra.


Where as the role of Sabeeka Imam is limited in the movie. She was not looking too good in the movie.


The role of Wiqar Ali Khan in the movie was very limited. His dialogue is dubbed by someone in the movie because of his language problem, that’s why I think he failed to deliver.


You will see Uzair Jaswal in 4-5 scenes in the movie. You will see him talking to his brother, driving a truck. I think there was no need of Uzair Jaswal in the movie.

The item song in the movie was pretty good. It is decent item song which is beautifully done by Zhalay Sarhadi. Background score of the movie
is quite impressive.

Overall it is one time watch movie. It is full of twists and some laughter . You can watch movie for cinematography,direction & sound track.

PakHugama Rating : 3/5 Stars





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