Kareena Kapoor’s size zero figure was the talk of Bollywood and the country the whole of last year.
She was severely criticised for this unhealthy body image and accused of promoting it
among younger girls who emulate her

This year, therefore, Kareena Kapoor made it a point to shed that image and
gain some weight. Now she’s back to her sexy and voluptous look.

Kareena clarified publicly that she had lost a lot of weight for her film Tashan,
but she is eating healthy now and is looking after herself.

She also told reporters that boyfriend Saif Ali Khan is among those who are ecstatic that she has ‘got (her) butt back’.
She said Saif was relieved that he was finally dating a girl who didn’t look ‘like a hanger’.

Kareena revealed the process behind this new look. She said that when she and Saif went on vacation to London and Italy,
she did nothing else but eat. She ate all meals heartily and also ate in between meals, and basically every two hours.

Saif was apparently amazed at her appetite, but was thriller to see her eating.
Kareena said that she even gorged on french fries and other junk food

that she would ordinarily never touch.
While Saif constantly defended Kareena and maintained that she was not a size zero,
Kareena now says that her figure definitely bothered him a lot. He thought she was too thin.

As of now, the two are working together on Karan Johar’s Qurbaani, for which they went to shoot in New York.
Kareena also said that she is looking forward to Saif’s new step in life – turning producer.
She said that Love Aaj Kal is a lovely film and she is very excited about it. She also confirmed that
Saif did want her to work in the film, but Imtiaz Ali stuck his ground.



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