Indian Useless Movies!
Movies are the best source of entertainment but films do indeed fun. This is an extremely hard, hard work and time consuming task. 6 months to complete. Good film has certainly taken the time throughout the year.
In such situations, if a film hits a fortune simply because it can not because of the film. Shah Rukh Khan recently released film ‘Happy New Year’, which broke all records of popularity and last humbled, Location Bachchan says about the story in this film is not no such thing as a stupid film.Yet he was hit. But several films released in 2014, the year of the worst films or nonsense being said, even though the films were all accessories, the audience wants to see.

Look: Director and producer of the film look sajdkan nonsense and worst movies of 2014 has been the number one count. This bill not only the stars of the film, especially Bipasha Basu, Saif Ali Khan and ryts country’s most entertaining vast career he has made a mistake. We like to say that their shape after the film has shocked his career. The film’s biggest mistake was that the film was not a matter of the story.
Phil did not see any continuity. This film not only caused a headache for audience and critics that the bill was cast also sorry that I worked in the film. Sajid Khan, at every level of the film has been severely criticized. Especially on social media for the film Sajid get to hear the bad and bitter remarks. Finally I just said about this film is the only person who can see this film is really tough.
The Expos: Hamish rysmyan biggest mistake of the film is to be the superhero. Revolving around a mysterious murder thrl in this story but also the end of the film is shown extremely stupid. Hamish choice for this character proved to be highly inappropriate. The dialogues of the film were shapely and nonsense. Hamish in the film look as the Super Hero’s heart and kidneys work, that perhaps they did not even realize that they will not do justice to this role. She was inspired by Hollywood’s top-class heroes look (maybe his mind would think that if they can role as superhero Why can not I) to expose any given time is equal to Nothing. Irfan Khan and the other cast of the film includes Honey Singh.
Action Jackson: Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha Action Jackson’s film was released in December, but this time it certainly is true with regard to film his last successful film director Prabhu Deva this time found an amazing show.Watching the film was felt that this film is probably made for a child. Most hackneyed plot and characters from the 1970s made the director of the film was accidentally released in 2014. The only highlight of this film was that Prabhu Deva Ajay Devgan had great dancing. That is the only plus point of this film.

Bang Bang
Bang Bang:
The year’s biggest hit, Bang Bang rthk in the top class of bright and Bollywood stars like Katrina worked.The film proved humbled bizarre films that hit the big names and locations can be expensive. In the film, the story is no such thing, and if anything, it may just be a headache and some not. And articulate the standard for those who see the movie based on the story in this film is nothing. Bang Bang is an English film knight and day copy and powerful performance rthk lit nothing to see. Despite this, the business has made millions at the box office and expect credit growth has made another hit.
Revolver Rani
Revolvers Queen: The unique name of 2014 after seeing the film you’ve shot himself heart desires. A very silly and a robe of honor movie story in which there is not much direction. What is the title of queen revolver roll kangna rnaut kangna than his previous work in this film is a waste of time.
Dawat e Ishq
Dawat-E-Ishq: This film is an example of the way that the hot chicken biryani and it will eat away the excess salt was bitter. Preeti Chopra and Roy Kapoor adyth beginning of the movie is very badly. The film’s script has no soul and feel it is the beginning of the film, the film is progressing without any story or script. Film Music and songs are impressive, but overall the film Feast of Love is a non-standard and gyrmtasr.

Creature 3D

Creature 3D: Bipasha Basu and Pakistani actor Imran Abbas nothing worth watching in this film. The film was a flop badly. The plus point of the film is its visual ayfkyts. In addition, no matter what the film sitting in the hall of audience attention should rent. Bipasha’s acting was also a victim of identity because they have already had this kind of role. In this film he had nothing new to them. Imran Abbas are too weak in the second act. None of their work taken seriously. It seems that he only Indian film and wanted to meet my hobby.
Bobby Jasoos
Bobby Jasoos: urastayl actress Vidya Balan, who is regarded as one of the hyruynz focus on quality rather than quantity.So far in his career, he has almost all successful films.Despite the lore Detective Bobby was how to act in a film like? It is shocking to their loved ones. Vidya audience of only cinema halls to watch this movie was, but seeing the movie and especially the silly full of suspense at the end of the same audience that they wish to withdraw their money. It is possible that the film lore after the report is also to be regretted that I did not act in this film.
One By Two

One By Two: the name of the movie is very random and strange would be like that movie? This can be judged from the fact that this film cinema got off very quickly after its release. Nobody protagonist and his real girlfriend Preeti Desai said. Abhay Deol film producer, who probably thought his dreams and is decorated and made this film. At halftime, the movie screenplay and plot does not appear anywhere. What are the most vulgar and gyrmtasr dialog.When it came time to film, did not know anyone.


Kaanchi: Subhash Ghai name of the movie’s filming glass Kanchi name throws and was cast in the cast of new artists.Subhash Ghai film seemed to see the seventies and eighties, the movies are made. The film is not just a matter of the story and script of the film is so powerful that he could draw the attention of audience sitting in the hall. Large glass before release was vigorously publicity, but after release when the film got off snymawn did not even know it.The film’s dialogues are forced to audience laughter. Both the hero and heroine of the film showed a bogus acting by watching this movie it seems that the director has made a non-professional.
Total SiyyapaTotal C.We: Pakistani actor Ali Zafar in Bollywood have made ​​considerable recognition. Total C.We his film has proved to be a truly C.We.
The film’s heroine Amy Gupta, whose acting has no soul.This film is a replica of an English movie and not any particular thing could force the audience to watch this movie. The story of the film is the emphasis on other things.The director does not look anywhere grip, it seems that everyone in the film is custom work

Super Nani
Super Granny: a long line of the film was released. The line in the movie that I was excited at the presence in the cast. Other cast of the film was enthusiastically Sherman.The remarkable thing about this film that Super Granny to be seen spending money.
In fact, this film can not be seen even without money. Rekha has lost himself in the film and it is a waste of time watching the film. In spite sprnany weak point is that the film is completely full of boredom. Silly scenes and dialogue in the film, which offer only line it seems that the director has filmed for the show.



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