KARACHI: Call it a rom-com or coming-of-age movie, London Paris New York (LPN) is surely a breath of fresh air among the spawn of stereotypical romantic movies.

Directed by debutante director Anu Menon, LPN has been released on March 02, 2012 in the theatres in Pakistan.

Following the idea of love-changes-with-cities, LPN, revolves around a ferociously philosophical feminist Lalitha or Lalithapedia–an aspiring political science exchange student, who finds a positive correlation between great kissing and producing fine children, and the ‘tharki’ Nikhil –a rich, spoilt brat heading to London to study film-making.

What keeps your eyes glued to the screens is the transition in both their characters that cruises from idealism and immaturity to rationality and sensibility. Yet what doesn’t die out is the genuine spark between them. Moreover, what works its power over audience is the no-pendulum like change, rather a progressive evolution and the variance in the three phases of their lives that transcends wardrobes, and is well-pitched in through their manners and ideology.

Ali Zafar, in all his strikingly sultry-sweet charms successfully galvanizes the audience, while Aditi Rao, in an admittedly compelling appearance sets up that sweet chemistry that managed to pull audiences towards cinema. Be it the candid sexual conversations, their chirpy accusations and engaging flirtations, their audience appeal as a couple plays a significant role in the movie’s success-as far as the initial reviews tell.

The movie’s brightest moments come during Nikhil and Lalitha’s bright-eyed flirtations in Paris, emotional transmission against the backdrops of the three rivers Thames, Seine and Hudson, and the cozy cocoon in the Paris hotel. There are episodes of emotional wallops especially when Ali Zafar breaks down into tears in the penult of the movie, and their somber departures each time they leave each other for their respective ambitions. Also, inspired moments of wit and humor that Ali Zafar delivers, sets the film apart from an average romantic staple.

The rendition of songs, Tumhe Dekhne Main and Madham Si Khamoshi, composed and sung by Ali Zafar has worked great on the spectrum of likeability. Also, the excellent cinematography gives us some of the most stylized episodes in the hip-urban locales of London, Paris and New York.

Before the launch of London Paris New York, around 70 % seats were already sold, thanks to the glitzy promos and Ali Zafar’s celebrity force field. The film has reaped reviews ranging from average to good from critics, who have vouched for the fact that it has imbibed a fresh breath in the classic contour of romantic comedies.


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