Mathira, Hot & sexy Pictures in A Black Sporty Bra

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Following caps are of the Pakistani yogi Mathira, from her show on Vibe TV which was broadcast earlier this year (Feb. 2009). I had an earlier post with her wearing a similar outfit, but when I look back at those digicam caps, with their glaucoma look, there has certainly been a marked improvement in quality.

I had been meaning to put these out for a long time but I felt there should be no compromise on quality this time around. Therefore these caps and the accompanying video is captured at 1280×720 resolution, with a frame rate of 30/sec, which translates to about 400MB for the 8 min. video. By the time you are done… watching, that is, you will be intimately familiar with every nook and cranny on her delectable, creamy, caramel body, besides the helpful exercise routine. I hope this does justice to this beauty and her ground-breaking work in the field of fitness.

On this particular show, Mathira is demonstrating yoga exercises that are designed to restore the natural curvature of your spine. That allows for a better posture and fewer complaints of back pain. But there is more to it. As Mathira put it, “Male, or female, they all need a curve, to bring out the perfect body”.



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