Meaningfull Talk with Yasir Jaswal

Direction is not a talent i must say its an art , art of converting a Simple, Normal and a casual scene into a very dramatic scene which strikes your heart and mind directors are born by birth… Pakistan’s film industry has been gifted with many such creative mind directors. One of them is a person with an absoulte directing skills and a very perfect directing eye which makes a scene enters a new world of fantasy and reality this transition between reality and fantasy can only be displayed by the most talented person none other than YASIR JASWAL
Yasir Jaswal2

  • So sir first of all how are you?

I’m dong great Alhamdulillah

  • Sir its an honour to interview you Sir before moving on to anyother thing i would like to ask you the most inspirational thing which led straight away to jalaibee?

I guess the inspiration came from watching movies from a very young age. Just getting curious on how did they make films and how cool would t be to finally make a film on your own.

  • Sir jalaibee’s promotion reveals that people are really keen to watch it asap in cinemas and the time has come finally, Sir where do you see pakistan’s film industry after this movie?

I think more and more films should be made so that our cinema can stand on its own two feet. The producers need to be comfortable enough to invest in projects. We are on the right path.
Yasir Jaswal

  • The industry has been facing many crisis since long sir what do you think how directors can play a positive role in uplifting our industry’s lost position?

Just by making good films I guess. Try different genres. Make bold choices. Stop thinking within the limitations. We don’t have budgets to compete with Hollywood or Bollywood. what we do have is our art of storytelling.

  • We will not force you to disclose the entire history of the movie but we would like to know any specific concern b/w its story and any of your experience?

We had a lot of issues while making this film. But there support was immense as well. We have been very blessed in that way I guess.

  • Sir why the name jalaibee only?

Well as you’ve seen the film, the plot is very twisted and tangled, hence Jalaibee.

  • Sir how was the experience working with very talented stars?

Amazing experience. We have the most talented people in all aspects of our industry who we can and should be proud of. It was an honour working with everyone on set.

  • Sir any mesage to upcoming or exsisting directors?

Just believe in yourself and your ability and move forward. Don’t listen to the people who discourage you and keep your focus and inshAllah you will get there.

  • Few words about PakHungama?

    It’s a great source of entertainment in the web. I hope it keeps supporting our cinema industry and thank you for supporting Jalaibee.
    Interview By:  Hina Awan (Team PakHungama)



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