Meera first English movie ‘Oscar’ Releasing Soon

The bold Pakistani actress Meera continues to have a fiery penchant for the local film scene. As she sets up her production company Meera Films and Media House along with her sisterAqsa Rubab, who is a fashion designer, brother Syed Ahsan, and mother Syeda Shafqat Zahra Bukhari. All of them are the part of the production process. Through this media company she hopes to play her part in exploring new talent and to introduce fresh faces to the industry in Pakistan.

I want to promote a soft image of Pakistan and, to this end, I’ve been struggling for many years,” says Meera, as she divulges the name of her production house. “Part of my agenda is to introduce educated and new faces in the film industry. I’ll search for talent from reputed film institutions in the country and my production house will serve as a platform to introduce them,” she adds.

For starters, she is set to produce and act in Oscar, a primarily English-based film. She feels she’s ready to work in an English film as she has developed a grip over the language. As the actress has visited the United States and other foreign countries many times and there she spoke in English that has made her fluent in and can perform in an English film now.



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