Morning Shows: A Viral Disease

We, pakistani people are blessed with the quality to let temporary temptations penetrate our emotions…
Either we do not like anything or if we do, we like it beyond the limits…
There was a time when it felt really good and comfortable holding a mug of coffee sitting on a chair and watching a meaningful and an informative morning show.But time changes so changes the trends
If we focus on morning shows these days they are beautifuly,smartly and well organized to achieve one target that is “Wastage of time”
Hosts of every morning show these days are actually a dynamic package of a brand and the guests who are invited are also show piece or i must say a decoration piece of a particular brand who promote their respective brands
Staying more relevant to my topic i will only highlight a morning show which is being criticized everywhere on social media these days
A show which is as viral as chickenpox these days,
A show which is being hosted by noor,she continued wasting her time and others time, but recently she wanted others to play their role in wasting their and audience time so,she invited so called elegance queen,a lollywood actress Laila
I dont know what was the script?
who wrote it?
And who finalized it.
But that stupid dance by laila and a male guest there displayed the peak of their shameless ideology and shameless visions regarding popularity,
Doing such acts on so called respectable family show was a big slap on face of those who were the part of that stupid show
Almost all house wives are addicted to watch these shows and instead of promoting ideas which can lead them to become good mothers and wives, the script writers,directors and producers promote such low standards and cheap things????
The time which is being wasted by us in these kind of rubbish,this wasted time will teach us how fatal these kind of morning shows can turn out to be
Value your time
And overlook on, whatever you find that
strikes your heart and mind is it really appealing or it has been made striking and appealing artifically by decortion….

-Hina Awan
Content writter



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