Battling the ghosts of his riotous past, Sooraj (Randeep Hooda) seeks redemption. He detaches himself from the world until a chance meeting with Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal) gives him a sense of perseverance. Abandoning his solitude, he starts over but fate has a whole other plan for him.

REVIEW: Bollywood seems to be smitten by Korean films lately. Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is als a remake of a Korean film. Incidentally, the protagonist here bears a remarkable resemblance to a hooded John Abraham’s enigmatic character in Rocky Handsome, needing to state that that was also a Korean remake, Bollywood duh!  Unfortunately, though this film is as dreary as the John starrer.

The film is set in Malaysia, Deepak Tijori’s brings the old school take on romance which is revitalizing in times where the Bollywood thrives on PDA. But appealing it is not. Where Marathi blockbuster Sairat nailed that raw sensation and exquisitely portrayed what falling in love feels like, Tijori’s drama fell short of even achieving a decent romance. His characters cease to be fascinating beyond a point.

Randeep did a good job acting he managed to infuse some life into his gloomy character in a modest way. Tormented and bruised, he portrays his role with conviction. The guy is a fine actor and deserves much much better. Remember Kick yup you get my point.

On the contrary, there’s this visually impaired bubbly lass, Kajal, who manages to d nothing at all to captivate you. But in her defense, the story is way too sympathy seeking for one’s taste. Either somebody has sinned, or is disabled, may be dying or in pain and guess what nothing makes you weep, which is the greatest tragedy of all.

And there’s way too many clichés which confuse the story, for example opposites attract. The hero is a boxer and the girl is typical saas bahu opera material. She speaks, he pays attention and her positivity brings his sadness to bay. But nothing out of all this makes you feel for the characters and at times it would even irritate you. Another major issue and this is a big one, is that the story drags and drags and drags on until it’s the end. I remember thinking finally its finished! And that is nth w you’re supposed to feel after a movie ends.

The only part that excites is where Hooda flexes his muscles in the boxing ring as a MMA fighter. We wish it would have taken priority over the hopeless mushy love story. The music of the film deserves recognition especially the track ‘kuch toh hai’ which is my personal favorite these days.

Tijori’s picture has its jiffies but it’s way too monotonous to be called Do Lafzon Ki Kahani.



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