PakHungama Exclusive Interview With Faysal Quraishi

We are familiar with actors and acting , How we define an actor ? For us an actor is someone who pretends and who gets immersed in the given situation But actually acting is a God gifted talent and in this aspect actors and acting can be characterized in a division namely natural acting . If he is natural , He takes you along with him in a situation of which he is a part , Then yes he is an actor .

Our industry has been gifted with one of such natural actors who does not need any introduction because he is none other than Faysal Quraishi .

Faysal Quraishi on the sets of Aashiq Hussain

  • How are you doing these days?
    I am very well, Alhamdullilah ☺
  • We have seen you play many characters over the years but the one people found unique was Bashar Momin. It was something really different when compared to your other serials. Could you please share what was the most challenging aspect of this character?
    The most challenging aspect was making the audience fall in love with a character with grey shades. See, it’s very easy when the character is black or white. You are clear in your head what the audiences should react like. Bashar was a very complicated character, so that was quite difficult to portray but I am always up for a good challenge.

Faysal Quraishi Interview

  • There is a lot of diversity in the characters that you have portrayed. Can you relate to any of your characters on a personal level?
    I can relate to almost all my characters actually. Whenever I work on a serial, I don’t simply enact the scenes. I try to understand each character, why they are the way they are. When you invest so much in each character emotionally, you end up relating to it in one way or another.
  • What is your best scene according to you, or any memorable thing regarding any specific scene?
    There have been countless memorable scenes, but I really enjoyed working on the Main aur Tum series as Aijaz is a very dear friend and working on that sitcom didn’t seem like work at all! Ammi used to send home cooked food for us, which we very happily ate during our breaks. Working on Main aur Tum Phir se last year brought back a lot of fond memories.

Main Aur Tum Phir Se

  • Who has been your inspiration as an actor?
    My biggest inspiration has been Nadeem Saab.
  • What would you be if you were not an actor?
    I never thought about it. Acting is what I have been doing from ever since I can remember.
  • Please share a few words for your fans?
    I just have one message. Let’s start changing ourselves for the betterment of society. Instead of criticizing others, let’s first give up on our own bad habits. They don’t necessarily have to be something big, but in the long run our minor mistakes contribute to society as a whole.
  • Any words for PakHungama.Com ?
    Keep doing the great work you are and supporting our local content!


Interview By : Asim Javed Awan & Hina (Team PakHungama)

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