Pretty Pak Model Juggan Kazim hot & sexy Pictures

Kazim Photoshoot — Juggan Kazim, also known as Jay Kazim, is a Canadian & Pakistani actress, model & a TV host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani telefilms & even embarked on the Canadian film scene. She is the extremely talented model of Pakistan popular for her English accent, plus a nice grip over Urdu. Not only is she an admirable actress, she is also a model and TV host for various shows airing on Pakistani channels.

She is also known as the model of the popular Jal Song ‘Sajni’. She is becoming popular day by day using her talent.Here is her latest photoshoot with Sunday Magazine of Daily Times.

These beautiful vidcaps of Juggan Kazim are from her show on HumTV, courtesy of bro Jaaf. These pics are a good reminder why Juggan’s jugs deserve to be placed in the pantheon of Titdom, if ever there is a place. There are plenty of girls out there with big tits, but very few can translate that into a sexy persona. It’s the manner in which the whole smorgasbord of lusciousness is laid out in her case.



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