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Last night Qayaas performed their first international concert at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi. Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards in association with Rolling Stone also presented them an award for the Best Pakistani Rock Band. Qayaas performed 10 original songs.

Check out what the band members has to say about the concert:

Umair Jaswal (Vocalist): “NEW DElHI had no clue what hit em :D well thats QAYAAS for u my INDIAN friends ! awesome performance awesome sound awesome crowd ! what a night !”

Khurram Waqar (Guitarist): “That was one good performance …. Good sound…. Good crowd and it was all about making that noise count …. Made loads of fans and good friends …. :)

Qayaas had a really amazing time performing their first concert outside Pakistan, they said: “Amazing show … Amazing night …. We would like to thank our families for their constant support through out the whole process as this would have been possible otherwise ….. :) Will be attending some major events today”

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