Quratulain Balouch Gets Angry on some Chutiya’s

 Quratulain Balouch Gets Angry on some Chutiya’s. As She Said in her Official Facebook Account That:
This is to inform all the “chutiyas” out there. Seems like your mothers and sisters get the same respect you bestow on other women out there I’m sure but here on this platform (page) your non-sense will not be tolerated. Restrict yourselves from provocative language on my page and if you don’t know what that mean, put your darn smart phones and Internet to a good use and get the Dictionary app to translate. We have fans from all over the world, belonging to different faiths, cultures and countries. You, my people are a pity and a disgrace.
You will be banned from the page with no further notice. Have some respect for yourself.

Qb angry



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