When Shaniera Akram is not travelling, she is a humanitarian for her foundation, a passionate activist and a full-time mother of three. The wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram, has a special hideout for herself her safe haven.

Pakistan’s beloved bhabi  is quite fond of this one room that is her bathroom, her ‘happy place’, an overwhelming feeling of tranquillity takes over. Women need a place to unwind, a place they can truly call their own and for Akram, this room serves that very purpose.

The aura of the room is intriguing and Akram reveals that she chose a baroque, romantic theme accented by neutral tones. She not only moves things in and out depending on her mood, but also depending on the season, or even the hour of the day. Akram hasn’t left out a single detail in the room’s planning and layout — she even installed different lights for morning, afternoon and night.

“In the summer when it’s warmer, I lighten the room with some cool blues, and in the winter, I add red to the colour scheme in order to warm up the space”. 

She goes on to disclose details on how the room transforms by the hour:

“My powder room is like the Taj Mahal, in the sense that it changes colour. In the daytime, I have the open courtyard, with the waterfall shower and the palms, so the natural light flows throughout. At night, the room is illuminated with candles and infused with scents, and it is just beautiful”.

Each and every single object in the room has been placed with extreme precision and attention to detail. Akram feels that the one area that a woman feels most comfortable in is a space that she has decorated herself.

Between  the eclectic collection of NARS, Chanel and MAC make-up products spread out on the counters, she ushers us towards the paintings adorning the walls. She explains that she is taken by Pakistani art because of the deep earthy tones they often emanate, the browns and bronzes resembling dusk.

Bottles of perfume grace the shelves, and Akram is quick to reveal that fragrances are her guilty pleasure.

“My fragrances are my go-to products. Right now my favourite is Ellie Saab. My husband would say I have to say Wasim Akram 414, which is his new fragrance, but women can’t wear that. I love it on him though,” she says laughingly. She believes fragrances give an outfit the perfect finishing touch.

Akram says there was no inspiration for the room, rather, the room was a result of her aspirations.

“In a family of boys (now I have little Aiyla) a woman needs a sanctuary, a place to think away from all the chaos”.

This room was her dream project, so much so that on one occasion, when she was stuck in the room for hours because of a mishap with the lock on the door, she had no complaints.

“No one was home, so I was there for a few hours, but I was in absolute heaven enjoying the peace and quiet”.



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