Talk Shalk with Sanya Shahzad!

  • First of All How are You?

    I’m great, Thank you.

  • Before Moving On To Another Thing i Would Like To Ask You The Most Inspirational Thing Which Led Straight Away To Music?

I didn’t entirely have ONE inspiration that lead my to music. I’ve just generally been surrounded by songs since I was little kid. I started singing along with them, and realised that I’m not that bad, so I continued singing.


  • When and why did you start playing?

I started playing guitar in 5th grade, which is around the age of 10. I started off with a few lessons, but I eventually left those classes, and started learnig off youtube. I mainly started playing because my older sister had an interest too, and she convinced our parents into letting us get classes and guitars so haha.

  • Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Umm no, not old tapes. I started consciously understanding music later on in life, at first I just enjoyed it more than most things.
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  • Who are your favourite musicians?

I have a wideee rand on musicians I appreciate. Demi Lovato, Sia, Christina Aguilera, Amy Lee, all these women with strong power voices. Along with that I’ve loved bands like Evanescence, Linkin Park, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon.. I could go on and on haha.

  • Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Well, I’m someone who faces strong levels of anxiety, so I naturally tremble before a performance. However, If I look back at how badly I used to shake, where my legs were visibly moving, I’ve overcame a lot of that fear. Now I have a slight level of hesitation, but once I’m on stage and I start singing and doing what I love, It all seems fine.
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  • What do you practice – exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.?

I practice a lot if I say so myself. I practice to match pitch, finding notes on how to harmonize, I recently learned techniques on how to hit much higher pitches with comparativly more ease, and how to have a full sound rather than shrilly scratchy high notes. Along with that, I try to perfect challenging songs such as Stone Cold by Demi Lovato, and Chandelier by Sia.

  • What was your first competition, if you have been.

As every orher musician, i started off small, did small singing competitions in my own school, then moved onto other institutions, then local competitions. I didn’t always win, but I learned a lot from every experience.

  • How Was Your Experience at NESCAFE BASEMENT?

Nescafe Basement was somethig I never thought I’d be in. When I got accepted for it, I was the happiest person, up until the last day of production. I made friends who are like family to me, and learned so much about music, I even learned a new instrument along the way. But overall, this is something I would want to relive in a heartbeat.
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  • Best advise ever given?

Best advice I’ve gotten was from my mom, and it’s very common, but when I actually did it, I’ve gotten places I wouldn’t have. She told me to take a chance and atleast try. There have been many times I have had huge opportunities for me, but I used to give them up without even trying to go for them. And recently, I gave it a go, and it’s all starting to work out for me.

  • Message for fans?

Well, All I can really say it, don’t give up on opportunities. Because you never know what that can do for you. Nescafe Basement was something I could go for only once, and it really changed my life for me.

  • Few Words About

Thank You, for having me for this interview, it’s been a pleasure. I think you’re doing a great job in promoting pakistani music and film industry. Will be visiting the site much more!
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